Sunday, April 25, 2010

TEKANAN@Frust,,, hmph~


adalah mamat ni kan... name G (not real name) he is mfy ex-B and how he living happily with another girl.. but this is not i'm angry about.. =.=..

G hv been offered with the JPA biasiswa.. he sooo lucky... hv a good life.
and i'm still hv zero achievement.. that make me like sush a loser.. well.. we used to compete among us.. bad idea... erk~! whatwver laa... let he living in good life.. me quite jealous... mayB there something BIG happen to me... ya Allah.. aq memohon kepada-Mu... kurniakanlah yang terbaik untuk hambaMu ini... let the JPA choose me... i need it.. amin ya rabbal alamin...~